Love Letters

The packaging for the candles are amazing and they smell wonderful. The are good for big or small spaces. I use them in my bedroom and my living room/dining room.

Thomas M.

Love Letters

This is one of the best scents I’ve come across and trust me, I’m a candle girl. I light this during my self care time and it ignites the room. If you have taste, you should purchase this candle. It’s soft yet strong. I can not wait for the restock.

Irenisha N.

Love Letters

My new favorite candle

I burn so many candles and I LOVE this one. It smells amazing, like a cozy library, and it burns so cleanly! I’m amazed at how little soot it puts out. Can’t wait for it to restock. I’m obsessed!

Rosie K.


Care for your candles to ensure a more elevated burning experience. Keeping your wicks 1/4" keep your candles burning clean and evenly.


Behind the Brand

Hi, I'm Coreyiel, creator of The Luxe Minimalist and founder of Super Sunday.

I created Super Sunday after noticing that the luxury brands whose products I'd been purchasing weren't speaking to people who look like me.

Super Sunday is dedicated to creating elevated experiences for black women who demand the highest level of quality in every aspect of their lives.

xx, Coreyiel

Black-Owned Luxury

Historically, luxury brands have catered to a select few but we're here to change that. Black women have been left out of the conversation, even though we are one of the largest groups of fashion & beauty consumers.

We see you because we are you.

Super Sunday was founded by a black woman who loves quality and attention to details. That's what you will get when you shop at Super Sunday.

Premium Packaging

Our packaging is elevated and intentional to provide the most premium presentation & unboxing experience.

We know that home decor is an extension of your personal style. We make candles for luxury lovers who want their timeless & chic look reflected in their homes.