Love Letters

This is one of the best scents I’ve come across and trust me, I’m a candle girl. I light this during my self care time and it ignites the room. If you have taste, you should purchase this candle. It’s soft yet strong. I can not wait for the restock.

Irenisha N.

Love Letters

My new favorite candle

I burn so many candles and I LOVE this one. It smells amazing, like a cozy library, and it burns so cleanly! I’m amazed at how little soot it puts out. Can’t wait for it to restock. I’m obsessed!

Rosie K.

Love Letters

Got this candle because Rosie loved it so much and it's truly so delightful!!!! The house smells SO GOOD when it's burning. It's elevated our candle collection to new heights.


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