5 Ways to Repurpose Your Candle Jar

How to repurpose reuse your candle jar
The beauty of buying candles housed in high-quality vessels is that you're able to repurpose as beautiful storage and home decor. We love a multifunctional piece over here and today we're sharing our favorite ways to repurpose and reuse our candle jars.

Flower Vase

We love having fresh flowers around the house to brighten our mood and environment. They bring so much life into a space and they look great in a Super Sunday candle jar.

Makeup Storage

The number of makeup products you can store and display in a candle jar is endless. Our favorite types of products are tall and thin ones like makeup brushes, eye or lip pencils, rollerball perfumes, or anything that come in a tube.

Desk Organization

You can also organize your office supplies using a candle jar. Store your pens and pencils in a chic vessel to upgrade your desk decor.

Bedside Table Organizer

Candle jars are also perfect for making your bedside table look neater. Putting your reading glasses, lip balm, pens into one vessel will instantly elevate your nightstand.

Bathroom Organization

We can't forget about the area that's so prone to clutter: the bathroom counter. Gather up your cotton pads, hair ties, and cotton swabs and storage them in their own jars to elegantly display them and organize your counter space.

Those are our favorite ways to use candle jars to organize our home in a stylish way. What is your favorite way to reuse your candle jar?

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